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When you have a Belema Aid

When you have a Belema Aid

People have asked us when our aid will get to their own states, regions and communities. Our inbox is constantly receiving messages of ‘help”! We love those feedbacks and information, by the way.

But if we ask you “What do you think has become Belema Aid signature project”, what would you say?


Did you say Potable water?

You are right. We have single state-of-the-art solar powered 120 litres capacity water supply projects in 8 different locations and a whooping 600, 000 capacity water supply project in another location. Massive you may say. But we just got started.

Here are the locations where you will find a Belema Aid water project which is usually built with the support of our formidable partners. Yes, we do a lot of Joint ventures with organisations to ensure we reach out to vulnerable communities.

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4 locations in Katsina where you will find us are Musawa LGA, Emir of Daura palace, Daura Airport and the Central Mosque all have our water infrastructure running since 2018.

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