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What You Need To Know?
Life Saving

What You Need To Know?

Belema Aid is a movement, a strong empathetic movement at that. It is a brand too with an energetic, and youthful attitude towards rescuing the vulnerable from lack, ignorance, sickness and poverty.

Named from the oil rich region of the Niger Delta in Nigeria, west Africa, Belema means LOVE or BELOVED. That explains why, right?

Honesty and genuineness is an attribute you will spot within the Belema Aid team easily and that is remarkable as the world is constantly in desperate need of virtues such as that. The belief is that no one should be unfortunate not to live their lives and contributing evenly to their community because of lack of basic needs. Belema Aid goes full throttle to intervene according to her thematic areas of focus, in carefully selected needy communities, because people matter.

The common slogan in Belema Aid and her partners is LET LOVE LEAD and that has impacted on our educational scholarships, business grants, water infrastructure, access roads, food, healthcare and caring for the disabled amongst others.

We believe that everyone deserves access to basic needs to be able to thrive.

Do you believe everyone should be given opportunities to thrive?

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