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How Belema Aid Foundation Was Established

How Belema Aid Foundation Was Established

Charities and philanthropic organisations globally have one thing in common – they give to humanity. Giving may be typical but what is even more unique is the person or persons who initiate these kinds of organisations.

Are they always rich men and women who were born rich or gifted wealth?

In a local village of Kula, in Rivers state lived the young Jack Rich Tien Jnr who had lost both of his parents at age 6. His grandmother did her best to cater for him in her own struggle for survival. He knew hunger, lack, abandonment and unequalled hardship but he grew resiliently resourceful and by age 25 he had become used to various business ventures.

When he was 27 years, he had his first business breakthrough and have not stopped looking out for people to help and empower from his sacrifice. That heart birthed the Belema Aid years later even though his humanitarian gestures span through over a decade.

Have you birthed a charity project ever? Care to share with us?

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